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How Does AccuFeet Work?

AccuFeet uses 185 meticulously placed 'acupoints' in each insole in order to relieve pressure. Designed as one size fits all for both men and women in mind, there are five magnets placed at key reflex acupoints that emit 400 gauss of healing magnetic waves.

Engineers at AccuFeet have created the ultimate shoe insole for every American Feet. Finally you can have custom insoles that do not cost custom pricing.

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Get Relief For Your Back, Knee and Foot Pain As You Walk

  • Massages As You Walk

    AccuFeet massages as you walk soothing away aches & pains while you go on about your day.

  • Reduces Stress

    A soothing massage combined with relief from aches and pains eliminates built up stress and tension.

  • One Size Fits All

    AccuFeet is a universal insole that carefully adapts to each individual.

Get AccuFeet Now! (50% off)

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Customers Have Been Saying

Easy to use

I was not sure if I was going to have to cut them out of a design or if they came ready to go. Needless to say it took two seconds to slide them into all of my shoes and I was instantly satisfied with how good they feel!

Brooke G.

Life changer

My foot pain is completely gone and they actually feel like you are getting a foot massage with every step.

Tommy Backsted

So happy with this purchase

SO AFFORDABLE! Seriously I have used insoles my entire life because I have sensitive feet and they swell up easily - I can buy a pair of these for every shoe because they are so good and very easy on your wallet.

Breelan Trean

Highly Recommend

Best purchase I've made in a while. Everyone should have this even if they aren't in pain.

Gracie Kent

Get AccuFeet Now! (50% off)
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